Brainwash & awakening


The Cambridge English Dictionary defines ´brainwash´ as follows:

to make someone believe something by repeatedly telling them that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching them. (How did ´someone´ became the plural ´them´? Never mind.)

Merriam-Webster sounds more solid to me with two definitions:

1. a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

2. persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

I derive from this: brainwashing is persuasion, against ones will, through repetition of the wished belief and omitting the facts that would spoil this. Merriam-Webster suggests that basic beliefs are being overruled by brainwashing, but do basic beliefs exist? No, of course not. Basically the brainwashing starts from birth, it is unavoidable. The place where one is born dictates the belief one is brought up with. Parents, other family members, friends and school make sure the beliefs prevalent in the culture are repeatedly put in the child´s mind. However, because the mind is build up here ´brainwashing´ doesn´t seem the most accurate word, but it is clear that the mind is being moulded here. Brainwashing is the accurate word when the mind has already been created and forces are used to manipulate and change the mind.

As said: the moulding of the brain is unavoidable: a child is brought up with the beliefs of his surroundings. At a later age the human being may find doubt about what he (she included from here on) learned and start an inquiry on his believe-system. A catholic child can turn to Buddhism, atheism or anything else. But when his surrounding don´t want this change in the child, mind control is the option and brainwashing will start. How does this work?

Repetition of the wanted belief, omitting facts that undermine this belief, that´s part of the technique, but that´s not all. Implanting more and more fear and guilt in someone makes mind control stronger. For example: if one wants someone to believe in God it will help if the belief will be implanted that a pagan will end up in hell and eternal fire. In first instance one person is indoctrinated this way, but we become each others brainwashers by reminding and warning each other again and again: ¨don´t forget to go to church, say your prayers, don´t risk the final wrath of God!¨ The fear of being cast out of the group and left alone may arise, so in the end the belief is internalised and then you are your own critic, controller and thought-police!

The question may arise: who is brainwashing who? An interesting question that is already partly answered: everyone who lives with fear is brainwashed and, as a result, a potential brainwasher, guided by fear. Let me redefine the question: who instigated the brainwashing? We can hear a lot of opinions on this: it are the politicians!, says one. No, it are the rich, says someone else. People like David Icke explain clearly that the matrix of mind control knows layers like in a pyramid: the higher one is in the pyramid the more one knows what´s going on. This means: only the top of the pyramid, where the so-called Illuminati reside, knows all of the plan of controlling the world, every echelon lower knows less. This means that almost everyone who´s captured in the dynamics of the matrix co-operates with the big plan without knowing exactly what the plan is or even that it exists. This is true for the most of us, but a lot is changing in the world on this point. More and more people awaken to the truth about the matrix. How come?

There are facts becoming so blatantly evident that more and more people don´t believe official messages of governments and media any more. Let me sum up only some of the crazy stuff in our global lunatic asylum to give an idea of what´s going on:

1. Corruption and fraud. Economic crises lay bare the underlying corruption. A lot of Dutch politicians had to admit they didn´t know about the fraud of the bankers of the world when they were confronted with the facts. What fraud? Hear me out. When you go to the bank to lend money for a new car, let us say €10.000, the bank employer will type this amount into your account, voila! In earlier days paper money was backed-up by gold that was saved in the bank, but that time has gone. The €10.000 that apparently is granted to you doesn´t really exist, and from now on you gonna pay interest over that not existing money. Which means: you are going to pay the bank €10.000 plus interest! Not the bank makes money, you make it and the bank takes it. The bank is allowed to loan ten more times the money than they really have. You buy the car, the car seller deposits this non-existing money at the bank and the bank has gained even more privilege to give loan money that isn´t really there to gain interest from other victims. Of course this leads to economic instability. But not the bank is gonna pay for this, the taxpayers will, as we have seen so often.

2. False flag operations. After 9/11, the so-called terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, a lot of proof has been collected and put on the internet that it really was an inside job. After the plains had penetrated the towers fear was spread among the people, now the people would surely agree with enhanced surveillance at borders and elsewhere, including precautions that intrude everyone’s privacy, like cameras everywhere. The weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hoessein was said to have weren´t there. Governments need reasons to go to war, to let the economic machine run, and if there is no good reason, they make one up or create an event that makes the people shout for action against the so-called enemy.

3. Fake news. President Trump, the notorious liar, came up with the repeating phrase ´fake news´, to suggests that his lies aren´t lies. In his advantage plays the fact that news indeed is most of the times fake or at least, not trustworthy. Fox news plays another reality footage than MSNBC or other broadcasters. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, to mention only a few, censor what´s on their sites and use logarithms to guide their costumers in the direction that suits their interests and intentions. Nowadays technical possibilities make it easy to manipulate photographs, audio and video files, to make the public believe what they represent. But the old saying, ´seeing is believing´, ain´t valid any more.

4. Sick healthcare. What we know as healthcare is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry that is more interested in making money, for which it needs sickness, than our health. When someone dies because of an alternative healing method that seemed to fail the media talks of a disgrace, the millions of people that die in the course of regular medical treatment are not mentioned. Medicines for diseases seem not to make enough money, so medicines to prevent disease are on the market and politics is moving in the direction to make vaccines, that cause all kind of irreparable problems, obligatory.

There are much more examples to give, I leave it to those ones here for now. I mentioned the Illuminati but don´t aim at dismantling the first responsible for the global brainwashing because, according to my findings, every individual is personally responsible in this. Moreover: I don´t need to identify anyone in the matrix, it is enough to see the matrix program working in all of its appearances to set myself free of their implications. And thus work for the freedom of everybody else, because we are One Consciousness.

The matrix has a hold on me via the five senses and the mind; impulses and impressions that come through them will write and rewrite the program of my DNA. I find here what integer books of spirituality learn: detach from body and mind, stop to be a slave of the five senses and thinking. This is real good advice and I don´t see a long road to this point, this is the turning point. Seeing what the matrix stands for and how I am and am not attached to it is enough to stand already free. So see freely, live creatively, untouched by any preprogrammed notion the matrix prescribes. Presuming this is easier said than done makes no sense to me; living in the matrix is endlessly more difficult than free and creative living.



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